Can bank officials demonstrate before your house if you are a defaulter ?

Even if a defaulter, right to privacy cannot be violated by bank officials.

SHERRY J THOMAS | |  9447200500 |

People takes loan to undertake their urgent needs and sometimes for attending luxurious needs also; it depends on the attitude of the party. Obviously, banks have to take recourse to legal remedies for recovery of loans. But they cannot carry out " halla bol" or similar demonstrations in front of the house of defaulter; says High Court of Kerala. 
In a Judgment rendered by Js Dama Sheshadri during the recovery process in a Mudra Loan said bank officials cannot conduct any sort of halla bol demonstration infront of the petitioner's house.  This issue has been discussed earlier also, by Kerala High Court, pointing out in a reported judgment that, bank cannot publish the photographs of the defaulter. 

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