Acupuncture - legal status in Kerala

The image uploaded contains the latest order dated 03.07.2024 issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Department of Health Research) pursuant to the judgement delivered by Honorable High Court of Kerala in connection with the functioning of the Apex Committee on Acupuncture and subsequent events. Since I happen to be associated with them for a while, my name is also mentioned in the order. 

Acupuncture is already accepted as a mode of therapy to be practiced by registered practitioners or appropriately trained personnel. However on the basis of complaints by some of the officers of the department of health, police cases were charged against the trained practitioners more often; which is not warranted in a strict legal sense. 

It is an undisputed fact that many people are getting a healing touch of acupuncture by undergoing treatment before these trained practitioners. Therefore the constitution of a Council for education and regulation of acupuncture needs to be established without delay.

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